My name is Karla Otta. I am an aspiring photographer and graduate from the Open University, currently based in Norwich, Norfolk

Since early childhood nature was very interesting to me. I grew up in a small village in the Central Bohemian Region surrounded by forests and meadows, never too far from wildlife. I remember going to the woods and finding something new and amazing every time (there were red squirrels, birds, mushrooms, flowers, animal tracks and when I was really lucky even the larger animals themselves - three species of deer, mouflon and sometimes even wild boar)

Over the years my passion and curiosity about wildlife increased. After moving to Norwich I have primarily focused on marine biology; mostly because it was something completely new for me (being from land locked country.) I started taking photographs of fish and invertebrates that I encountered in rock pools. Then I owned only a small, waterproof camera but it definitely helped to broaden my horizons.  I learned that there can be so much colour and variety in such a small ecosystem, and that often one has to look first to find signs of life

Naturally, I wanted to record as much wildlife as I could and eventually progressed to a bridge camera which enabled me to shift my focus and start documenting other wildlife, mainly birds and insects

Now I am on camera number three - a DSLR, finally - and as ever I am hoping to capture more of the natural beauty that surrounds us and share it with the world

I hope you enjoy browsing through my portfolio


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